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March, 4, 2013

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I love nothing better than a bath with Verde Springs' wonderfully handmade French Ooh La La Lavander soap.   It not only smells amazing, but it lasts so much longer than any other "mass-manufactured" soap you can buy.
- Jane

"Wonder soaps!!! I love them., I keep a bar in each of my drawers and in the linen closet. They give my clothes a very pleasant scent which lasts and lasts. They are also, of course, great for the shower."
- Maria

"This soap is one of the beautiful little pleasures in my life. Always gentle, always creamy, always fragrant. And so many lovely versions of it that I can never simply choose one! Thank you for a gift that is appreciated several times a day!" "I have discovered that my face does as well with your soap as if I were using some very expensive facial soap. I used to only use Clinique, but now I use your soap for my face as well as the rest of my body. The fragrance lingers. It is a joy!"
- Patricia

Having sampled many natural soaps over the years, I had never experienced both the subtleness of fragrance contrasted by a rich moisturizing quality to the skin. The fragrances are enhanced through their continued use and the body of the soap maintains its consistency and shelf life far longer than other soaps. The natural ingredients of Verde Springs Soap are of the highest quality thus creating a soap that surpasses all others.
- Tricia

Baskets from Verde Springs make fantastic gifts. Everyone raves after I give them one. The quality of the product is exceptional. You can feel the love in the soap.
- Jeremy

I discovered you at First Friday earlier this month and selected three varieties of your fabulous soap. We stopped for dinner after visiting all the artisans and returned to the most amazing aroma when we opened the door...

I've enjoyed the soap and look forward to selecting more of your wonderful soap. Though I hope to again find you at an upcoming First Friday so I can recreate the WOW! of the aroma that filled my car, I'm thrilled to see how easily I can shop for your soap on line. Also love your regard for our world - minimal packaging, recycling boxes, etc...
- Eileen

I have now been using your soap in place of shampoo for several months. I simply rub a bar all over my hair after it is wet and it lathers nicely. After rinsing, I use a little vinegar in some water as a rinse. Then I usually rub a few drops of coconut oil into my hair as it is drying. Looks great and feels great - soft and naturally clean! I like it better than any shampoo on the market! - Nova

When I started chemotherapy, a couple days after a treatment, my whole body ached so bad I could barely walk. Nothing took away the pain. A friend gave me a jar of the lavender bath salts to help me relax and pamper myself. During one painful episode, I decided to try a hot bath with the salts. .I expected to feel a little better with the hot soak. When I stepped out of the tub 20 minutes later, the pain was completely gone. I couldn’t believe that a couple tablespoons of the bath salts would make such a difference. I was completely pain free for at least 4 hours. I have recommended the lavender bath salts to all of my chemo friends and the chemo nursing staff. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel better both physically and emotionally.
Tammie Staley

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